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Booked room at Palace Resort in Myrtle Beach thru Book in room around midnight from going out for the evening only to see ants all over kitchen counter. Other issues: bathroom floor sticky(can imagine what that was!)Called desk gave only 2 options to change room at midnight – one knocked us out the minute we opened door(smoking)Room we ended up in had shower arm but no inside of shower head – so water felt like needles….lots of air coming out – lovered doors full of dust – glass coffee table never cleaned – round glass marks all over it.

We again complained upon leaving to manager on duty - very nice but said nothing they could do since we went thru book it.

Told me to call them and I did - they called Palace Resort and to my surprise came back with BJ Cribb offering a whopping $6.46 refund! Book it apologized and offered 10% on my next stay - I refused!

They too do not stand behind a bad stay either. They did not mind taking my money!

Monetary Loss: $102.

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It is not just but others like expedia, orbitz, etc. When you book anything thru these places you are usually out of luck if and when things go awry.

Your best best is to do these things yourself at the hotel website, airline website, etc. If you are flying and need a hotel or car, try I have had good luck with them many times in the past. And, the best thing is that the customer service people are based in North Dakota and therefore speak English, not some foreign language you are unable to understand.

And they are very competent also. A nice change from some other customer service Indian or Mexican sites.

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